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What is Duck Depot?

Duck Depot is a website that hosts 'catalogs' of goods and services. These goods and services have already been through the competitively bid contracting process. Campus buyers who have a procurement card utilize single-sign-on and can place orders and have items direct shipped to their office or lab.

What kinds of products are available?

At launch, we plan to have Dell, Fisher Scientific, Staples, Office Depot and CDWG. We hope that this selection will offer something for everyone on campus so they can begin using the system. New products and vendors will continue to be added even after the launch phase. We are currently embarking on a procurement for event services that will eventually be added to Duck Depot!

Why is it only available with a procurement card (P-Card)?

In order to streamline the system, all purchases will be charged to a procurement card. Vendors have agreed to special pricing based on our commitment to pay immediately with procurement cards.  These discounts are shown on the system as your end pricing. 

We understand that in the past, procurement card policy has made it unattractive to many departments and programs.  During the past year, the procurement card program has undergone a complete review and update.  The new policies can be found HERE.  We hope that these changes make it easier than ever to utilize the card for everyday purchases.  If you do not presently have a procurement card you can contact our office at 541-346-2419 for additional information on how to apply.

It is possible for departments to have procurement cards that are dedicated only to Duck Depot usage. To obtain a dedicated credit card in addition to your current procurement card, please contact our office at 541-346-2419 for additional information.

What is the timeline for the new Duck Depot system?

Winter Term - The Duck Depot team will be working with SciQuest, the software provider, to do testing and setup the new system. Late in the term, testing will be opened to our campus community of power-users.

Spring Term - Duck Depot will be rolled out to the campus for preliminary use and feedback. PCS will offer trainings and open sessions to assist in the use of Duck Depot. 

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, please feel free to attend one of our information sessions or contact us at 541-346-2419.