The Alphabet Soup of Equity in Contracting

MWESB, HUB, WEB, MBE… there is a whole collection of letters that stand for historically underutilized businesses (HUB).  The University of Oregon believes in getting the best value for their purchases.  Best value doesn’t just mean the cheapest price.  One of the ways that we can increase value is by utilizing businesses in our own community.

The State of Oregon certifies businesses for one of five options.  Women-owned businesses WBE, minority-owned businesses (MBE), veteran-owned businesses, emerging small businesses (ESB), and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (*DBE and ACDBE) can all become certified by Business Oregon’s COBID office.  

In April 2018, Governor Kate Brown signed Executive Order 18.3 that asks Oregon state agencies, including state and local government, boards and committees, to strive to use local businesses whenever possible.  As part of this new initiative, the Governor has been hosting a series of Governor’s Marketplace Roadshow events around the state to expose small businesses to agency buyers.  UO has been and will continue to participate in these outreach events to engage with and identify vendors to do business with.

In turn, PCS will host periodic Brunch with the Buyer events inviting certified HUB businesses in a specific type of business to meet with buyers and learn more about what they have to offer.
Want to learn more about how to find new small businesses and get the best value for your money?  Contact Shari at 541-346-3283 or