Policies and Procedures

Procedure updates!

PCS has updated the Purchasing and Contracting Procedures in order to implement recent changes to UO's Purchasing and Contracts for Goods and Services Policy. Highlights from the changes include:

  • Inclusion of an updated mission and values for PCS 
  • A streamlined informal procurement process for goods, trade services, hotels, catering, event services, transportation services, and specialized professional services 
  • Expanding criteria for alternative procurements
  • Clarification of competitive procurement exemptions
  • Individuals with Level 1 or Level 2 Delegated Contracting Authority may now use the UO Purchase Order for Services form for agreements with one-time event speakers and performers under $5,000 lasting no more than seven consecutive days. Example Speaker/Performer POs are available on the PCS Forms website. 
  • Consolidation of PCS delegated contracting authority training from three, in-person, classes into a single in-person class offered monthly
  • Additional clarifications related to foreign independent contractors, QRFs, and cooperative purchasing

PCS recently posted procedures related to the acceptance of E-Signatures, allowing UO to accept documents signed with E-signature systems like DocuSign and Adobe Sign. Be sure to check back as PCS plans to integrate Adobe Sign into the UO Purchasing Portal! Tentatively scheduled for implementation this Fall.  

In addition, the Updated Procurement process has also been launched within the UO Purchasing Portal to support the above updates and streamline the procurement process. Find out more information on our Tell Me About Procurement page.


University Code of Ethics
Division 61 - OUS Procurement and Contracting Code
Purchasing and Contracts for Goods and Services
Electronic Signature Policy


UO Purchasing and Contracting Procedures  - Rev. 07/01/2021
UO PCard Policy - Rev. 03/31/17
ESignature Procedures - Effective 08/05/19