Procurement Card Program


University of Oregon (UO) has established a procurement card program designed to promote purchasing efficiency, flexibility, and convenience. Procurement card purchases shall be made in accordance with established UO purchasing rules and UO policy. The procurement card (PCard) program is administered by the UO through its Purchasing & Contracting Services office.
UO has contracted with US Bank to provide VISA credit cards, called procurement cards, also known as PCard. PCards may be used to purchase goods and non-tax reportable services for the institution.
Benefits of the PCard program are:

  • reduced time, paperwork, and handling costs;
  • a more rapid and efficient receipt of goods; and
  • convenient method of payment when traditional check requests are not feasible

U.S. Bank issues procurement cards to UO campus departments. Each card is assigned to a department Custodian. The Custodian maintains documentation, reconciles the bill on a monthly basis, and ensures that the card is used only for authorized purchases.

Procurement Card Team

Procurement Card Inbox
General questions, intake sheet submissions, and account inquiries

John Beeson
Procurement Card Manager

Isla Dane
Procurement Card Coordinator