Information for Doing Business with the University of Oregon

Below you will find information that may be helpful when doing business with the University of Oregon (UO).

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UO's Competitive Requirements

  • $50,000 or under - Direct Procurement, no competitive procurement required.
  • Over $50,000 and less than or equal to $250,000 - Informal Procurement - Advertisement posting to UO Business Opportunities.
  • Over $250,000 - Formal Procurement - Advertisement posting to UO Business Opportunities and/or formal advertisement of competitive opportunities placed in newspapers and trade journals or the Department of Administrative Services under OregonBuys.

    Decentralized Purchasing

    • Each UO department has the responsibility and authority to make its purchases.
    • Vendors may market directly with the departments.
    • Vendors may not contract with UO for any purchases that are over $50,000 without response to a competitive procurement. Current competitive procurements can be found under Business Opportunites.

    How to contact UO departments

    For department contact information please see the UO online directory.

    Group Contracts and Purchasing Agreements

    • UO may use State of Oregon contracts.
    • UO may use group purchasing organization (GPO) contracts if the contracts are a result of public procurement and meet the UO procurement requirements.

      How can I become a UO Street Faire vendor?

      The Department of Associated Students at the University of Oregon hosts a bi-annual (Fall and Spring) street fair. Vendors are invited to contact the ASUO to be placed on the mailing list to receive an application. Because the ASUO generally receives more applications than booth space available, it is highly suggested that individuals meet the requested deadlines listed on the application for full consideration.

      To be placed on the mailing list, vendors should submit the following information to
      Vendor Name
      Contact Person
      Phone Number
      Mailing Address
      Email Address (if applicable)

      For further information, please refer to the ASUO Street Faire Website or contact the ASUO Street Faire Administrative Coordinator at or leave a voice message at 541-346-0622.

      I want to put a food cart at 13th and Kincaid.

      Although the 13th and Kincaid area is heavily trafficked by those associated with the UO, the sidewalks and right-of-way are City of Eugene regulated. Please contact the Eugene Chamber of Commerce at 541-484-1314.

      For information on Food Cart vending in Eugene locations other than at 13th and Kincaid, please contact the City of Eugene Permit and Information Center for Land Use at 541-682-8336.

      I want to put a food cart at the EMU.

      Food carts are generally not allowed on UO property.

      How can I become an EMU Marketplace food vendor?

      Food vendors have contracted on a year-to-year lease basis for the Marketplace at the EMU. The EMU Food Service Director administers the leases and considers them each spring for the following academic year. Openings are advertised and interested parties are invited to submit applications at that time. For further information, please contact the EMU at 541-346-0622.