Delegated Contracting Authority

Please find the below listing of the University of Oregon employee positions with the authority to enter into legal instruments on behalf of the University of Oregon.

Delegation of Contracting Authority from PCS to University Employees 

In accordance with the Delegation of Contracting Authority from PCS to University Employees memo, the university employees identified below have been delegated Level 1 Contracting Authority (L1CA) and/or Level 2 Contracting Authority (L2CA) by the Director of Purchasing and Contracting Services. For more information on the specifics of each level of delegated contracting authority, please refer to the Delegated Contracting Authority Information page

Delegation of Contracting Authority to University Officers

The Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration (VPFA) has delegated signature authority to specific individuals to sign particular types of contracts. Please see the VPFA Delegation of Contract Signature Authority page for details.