Policies & Guidelines

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 Getting the BEST VALUE for the university includes more than just the lowest purchase price! Learn what other variables should be considered in order to get the BEST DEAL out of your purchases.

UO seeks to promote and expand contracting opportunities for historically underutilized businesses (HUB). Here you will find additional information regarding the university's goals and actions to help expand economic opportunities for these businesses.

Here you will find information regarding resources for financial irregularity reporting, management controls checklist and contact information for the university's auditor.

After completing a series of classes and a trial period, UO employees can request delegated contracting authority. There are two levels of authority, L1CA and L2CA. This authority would authorize you to sign designated contracts (within the limits of granted authority). This link will show you who has L1CA and L2CA as well as a link to additional information.

Find an estimate on how long it might take to process a matter; for example PO or Hotel Agreement. Here you will find a guideline of standard processing times. These times are estimates and do not include additional reviews such as Sponsored Projects Services etc.

Do you make, approve, or help in any way making purchases for your department? If so you will need to have a Code of Ethics statement signed and recorded in your office annually. This form outlines what the university expects from personnel who are involved in the purchasing decision, both directly and indirectly.

UO is committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Here you will find questions to ask about your upcoming purchase and helpful links to be more sustainable.

Need more information on a statute, regulation or policy? Here you will find the statutes, regulations, and policies related to purchasing and contracting.